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07/2010 : Photos & videos of Bumphead parrotfish
03/2010 : Videos are available on YouTube player
Website official launch : 21/09/2009 Read more »

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Welcome to Sipadan scubadiving website !


Underwater photographies : amazing marine life...

Taken in Sipadan, the famous island located in the south of Sabbah region in Borneo (East part of Malaysia), we will be able to watch here hundreds of underwater pictures. Underwater Photos.
The web site will be improved soon : but the more important is already here : the pictures. Videos are ready and will be uploaded soon. After that, more details about Sipadan area islands: Sipadan of course, Mabul and Kapalai.

The web site, dealing with scuba diving, will not show only Sipadan dive sites marine life. You will also find marine life from different dive sites, in other countries : the first extension will be the Maldives. Other dives

Underwater videos : marine life in motion...

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You will find many underwater videos !

Underwater videos are shoot with the digital photo camera but are quite good quality. They are most of the time more interesting than the photos, because they show marine life activity. The frogfish in photo is hard to realize it's actually a fish, but thanks to the video, you can see the fish moving its leg a little at the beginning.