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Bumphead Parrotfish

Wow, scuba diving in the middle of a group of giant bumphead parrotfish is probably the most amazing experience in Sipadan ! In those videos, shot in February 2010, you can see the fish eat the hard corals making a lot of noise.

It's a little bit scaring at the begining, when you think they could easily eat your fingers...

Videos are encoded in AVI format at a VGA resolution (640 x 480), using Microsoft MPEG-4 V2 codec. You can use the famous and free video player sofware from Microsoft (Windows media player) to watch all the videos.

Bumphead Parrotfish 1

Watch this videoBumphead Parrotfish 1

Duration : 1 min 55"
File size : 30.1 Mo

Nice video in the middle of the bumphead group of fish.

Download the video file

Bumphead Parrotfish 2

Watch this videoBumphead Parrotfish 2

Duration : 1 min 14"
File size : 19.3 Mo

In this video, you dive with the bumphead... shot from inside.

Download the video file

Bumphead Parrotfish 3

Watch this videoBumphead Parrotfish 3

Duration : 1 min 42"
File size : 26.8 Mo

Yu can see the webmaster diving in this video. I was follow the fish and as you can see they reject the pieces of coralsalmost as fast as they eat it... creating by this process the white sand.

Download the video file